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The Divine Throne, the ranking of the top ten Divine Thrones? , Watch the Complete Works of God Sealed Throne online for free

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about the issue of God Sealed Throne, so the editor has compiled a related introduction to God Sealed Throne The answer, let's take a look. Ranking of the top ten god seal thrones? Ranking of the top ten god seal thrones? First place: Creation of the world, created the existence of all planes, the strength is unquestionable, a trace of divine sense created the throne of the God Seal of Eternity and Creation, but died after creating all the planes, and became a legend . Second place: Long Haoyue, God of Scourge, Long Haoyue, Nine-Headed Chimera, Austin, Griffin, as the dark side of Creation, possesses the power of destruction, and their strength is beyond doubt. After the death of Creation, they became invincible The only weakness of his existence is Long Haochen who signed the blood contract. Third place: Electrolux Necromancer Holy Mage, Eternal Calamity Electrolux, the last child of light before Long Haochen, the existence of a demigod, after suffering the pain of betrayal, to the three empires representing all mankind Declare war with the Holy See. With his own strength, he destroyed an empire and severely damaged another empire and the glorious Holy See. Fourth place: Fengxiu, the patriarch of the Heaven-defying Demon Dragon Clan, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu, a tenth-level existence that broke through a million spiritual powers, possesses the power of a true god, and is the most powerful one among the Demon God Emperors of all generations. Good enough for fourth place. Fifth place: Chairman of the Long Haochen Temple Federation, owner of the God-Sealed Throne of Eternity and Creation, Knight Temple Glorious and Leader God-Sealed Knight Long Haochen, as the protagonist of this novel, the protagonist's halo has never left Long Haochen , possessed the physique of a child of light since childhood, and sublimated into a physique of a light god through various adventures. He joined the Temple of Knights at the age of nine. In less than twenty years, Long Haochen, who was in his twenties, became a member of the Temple Federation. The first person finally reached 99,999 spiritual power, and Haoyue fixed the spiritual power, never becoming a god. Long Haochen, who was in a semi-god state, led the Federation of Temples to break through the dark age and usher in the dawn of light , has become an eternal legend. Sixth place: Agares, the moon demon god Agares, as the second demon god of the demon clan and the right-hand man of the Demon God Emperor, Agares, whose strength has reached the ninth and eighth ranks, has the blood of ordinary humans, and has become The first betrayer of the Demon Race gave Long Haochen a lot of help, but in the end they broke off cooperation with Long Haochen because of Austin and Griffin. The reason why he is put here is that he showed tyrannical strength in the battle of Yulongguan. Without using the Moon Demon Pillar and deliberately releasing water, he still easily resisted Shu Yongxiao's attack. Not strong. Seventh place: Vasago Star Demon God Vasago, as the prophet of the Demon Race, the right-hand man of the Demon God Emperor, and the third pillar of the Demon God Vasago, his strength is almost the same as that of his friend Agares, and he also fought in Yulongguan In the case of releasing water and not using the Demon God Pillar, Xiao Huo's attack was blocked, but in the end Long Haochen used the Bright Moon Zijin Sword transformed from Austin and Griffin to instantly kill him. Eighth place: Wife of Saint Caier Long Haochen, ninth-level and fifth-level chivalrous man (the level in the final battle, with the ability of "Reaper", the seventh-level "Reaper", can instantly kill ninth-level and eighth-level powerhouses, through inheritance Yi Lex's Tower of Eternity can guarantee that he has the same long life as Long Haochen who inherited the Heart of Eternity) Congenital Daughter of Reincarnation Physique, Favored by the God of Death, with more than 400,000 spiritual power, possessing the Reincarnation Spiritual Stove One of the six senses, the recovery time of each sense will be superimposed, after passing through the fantasy paradise, the reincarnation spiritual furnace swallowed the other two spiritual furnaces to complete one of its own evolutions, use it once a day without backlash), thousand strike spiritual furnace, shadow of reality Spirit furnace, sword of reincarnation (reaper of death sickle after the awakening of gods). Ninth place: Yang Haoyu Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyu, as the number one member of the Temple Alliance before Long Haochen, his strength has reached level nine and fifth, and with the help of Starry Sky, the number one person of the Temple Alliance is definitely well-deserved, and he has also cultivated dragons Xingyu and Yang Haohan, the two god-sealed knights. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the Divine Throne. I hope that the one-point answer about the Divine Throne will be useful to everyone.

The Divine Throne, the ranking of the top ten Divine Thrones? , Watch the Complete Works of God Sealed Throne online for free