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Pagoda Dianhong tea picture How to make Pagoda Dianhong? , Pagoda Dianhong Tea Picture Daquan

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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about the picture of Pagoda Dianhong Tea, so I compiled a related introduction to the picture of Pagoda Dianhong Tea Answer, let's take a look. How to make Pagoda Dianhong? How to make Pagoda Dianhong? Dianhong Pagoda Production Method 01 Primary Dianhong tea is processed from the fresh leaves of tea trees through four processes: withering, rolling, fermenting and drying. The process of placing the fresh and tender tea leaves just picked from the tree on the airy bamboo curtain to distribute moisture is called withering. When the water is lost to a certain extent, the tea leaves become wilted and manually rolled, so that the tea juice is squeezed out and the tea leaves are formed into strips. 02 Withering Withering refers to the process in which the fresh leaves lose water after a period of time, making certain hard and brittle stalk leaves wilt and wither. It is the first process of the initial production of black tea. After withering, the water can be properly evaporated, the leaves are soft, the toughness is enhanced, and it is easy to shape. This process is an important processing stage for the formation of the aroma of black tea, as the grassy smell disappears and the tea leaves are ready to appear. 03 Kneading The purpose of kneading black tea is the same as that of green tea. During the kneading process, the tea leaves are formed and the color, aroma and concentration are enhanced. At the same time, because the leaf cells are destroyed, it is convenient for necessary oxidation under the action of enzymes, which is conducive to the smooth progress of fermentation. 04 Forming uses Dianhong raw materials to make tower-like tea shapes. It is purely handmade. After combing the general shape, it is tied with cotton thread. This process is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. 05 Fermentation Fermentation is a unique stage in the production of black tea. After fermentation, the leaf color changes from green to red, forming the quality characteristics of black tea, red leaves, and red soup. The mechanism is that under the action of rolling the leaves, the cell membrane structure of the tissue is destroyed, the permeability is increased, the polyphenols are fully contacted with the oxidase, and oxidative polymerization occurs under the enzymatic action, and other chemical components also undergo profound changes. , to make the green tea leaves turn red, forming the color, aroma and quality of black tea. 06 Drying Drying is the process of roasting the fermented tea base at high temperature to quickly evaporate the water to achieve the dryness of the quality. Use high temperature to quickly inactivate the activity of enzymes and stop fermentation; evaporate water, reduce the volume, fix the shape, and maintain dryness to prevent mildew; emit most of the low-boiling point grass smell, intensify and retain high-boiling point aromatic substances, and obtain the unique sweetness of black tea fragrant. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about the pictures of Pagoda Dianhong Tea. I hope that the one-point answer about the pictures of Pagoda Dianhong Tea will be useful to everyone.

Pagoda Dianhong tea picture How to make Pagoda Dianhong? , Pagoda Dianhong Tea Picture Daquan